Who are we? Our Aim and Introduction

Have you heard that there is an elephant in the room? No matter how big, sometimes we still ignore them instead of addressing the problem that an elephant can be in a matter.
Relephant Matters are the stories that can make a positive change. We’re revealing the elephants and finding resolutions to them (Minds of Matter). We’re not just reporting. Okay, sometimes we report but only on “Hearts that Matter” the go getters fighting to better the world around them. Or “Relephant Wellness”, tactics to change your lifestyle into a healthy one.
Relephant Matters aims to influence beneficial changes in society through news stories, advice and ideas. We believe information of extreme relevance are those which will build a better future for the individuals and the population as a whole.
We hope to equip you with food for thought, inspiration, determination and direction towards better living. We want you to become everything you can be; strong, educated and innovative.
Our blog is separated into three categories:
Minds of Matter: Discoveries, solutions, problems, news, and avant-garde ideas.
Hearts That Matter: For your inspiration, and of course to provide credit where credit is due, we provide you with stories of people with genuine concern who have sought out solutions to intense challenges. Feel free to nominate someone for an interview!
Relephant Wellness: Keeping your brain in check to achieve greatness requires a strong body as well as brain and heart! So, here we blog with fitness, and nutrition.

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