Beauty is an opinion.

Beauty is an opinion, nothing more. It varies from culture to culture, from advertising to reality, from soul to body. We are not here to be labeled into boxes and confined by views. In my last post I wrote about Robin Williams who easily earned his place in Hearts That Matter, one of the three sections of this blog. Relephant Matter’s goal is to assist people in bettering their hearts, minds and bodies so that they can live their lives to the fullest. The tragic loss of Mr. Williams was due to his battle against depression. I hope that if you are reading this and struggling with your own conflicts you keep this in mind, “No rain, no rainbows.” Your future is as bright as you can imagine and I am so excited to see the places you will go so please, never lose hope.

I am not here to tell you how to live. I am here as a friend offering a hand. We’re growing together, I gain just as much from writing as you might from reading. Although I will remain anonymous for the time being, I should tell you I am a real person, the same as any individual you see. Regardless of how we look we are all equally human.

“Two roads diverged in wood” – Robert Frost

My life has been aimed at what seems like two opposite sides of the spectrum. When I graduated high school (I’m now well done with college) I was diagnosed with Melanoma Carcinoma. Over the span of seven days I had surgery then lost my grandpa whom at the time lived in my home and was my life. I love him incredibly and unconditionally so, this became a downward spiral as stressors piled on. Beginning college, moving away from home, love life drama and more made me feel depressed. I saw a psychiatrist. I was not kind to myself. Eventually it affected my physical health, I became Vasovagal, having fainting spells, dizziness and even seizures.

I guess it took hitting my head a few times and falling for me to realize how well I could rise.

Now, we begin the second section of this blog, Relephant Wellness because treating your body well will change your entire existence. I will post blogs on meal preparations, exercises, motivational stories and (my personal favorite to relieve stress) yoga!

This is not about how you look. Beauty is nothing more than an opinion.

This is about feeling the pressures of life and accepting what they are without letting them weigh on you. This is about feeling strong both physically and mentally. This is about you regaining control, love, happiness and walking through the rain to see all the rainbows in all their bright, shining glory. You create your reality, I know that sounds bonkers but I promise you, I have lived both sides of the spectrum and you can too.



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