Stitched Together with Good Intentions

Dear Relephant Readers,

I’m sorry for going rogue from my blog so shortly after beginning. I was on a roll for a month or two but had some other publishing to tend to … my first book!

Signing Together: A Guide to American Sign Language for Everyone was published September 12, 2014 and I have been working hard on marketing the book that’s for a good cause. The intentions of the publication are to bring families together while also donating half of the royalties to the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation, an organization that has assisted my family in countless ways.

I was in a great debate as to whether I should write about the book here since I wanted to stay relatively anonymous but I feel it’s very important that you understand who I am. Not my name but who I am as a person; why I write on this blog. Consequently that results in why you read what I write, right?

Relephant Matters and Signing Together are publications based on good intentions. Signing Together began first, when I began learning American Sign Language two years ago. The book was created in hopes to break communication barriers for families who struggle to verbally communicate whether it be because of medical, physical or cognitive disabilities or a situation as simple as being too young to speak. It was inspired by someone very close to me who suffers from Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and half of the profits are donated to the CdLs Foundation.

Relephant Matters are the writings of the person I’ve become through these experiences and inspirational blogs to assist in becoming a person more open hearted and open minded. I want to better myself day by day. I want to pay it forward even if I have nothing, I believe there is always something the individual can contribute to better the whole. It is what we do with our everyday lives that will one day change the world.


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