A Little Trim Goes a Long Way



This is Joseph, 49, a Veteran and without a home. “I’m not a lazy man! I’ll do anything for work,” he says, “Only problem is that when people find out I’m homeless, they don’t want to hire me.” Lucky for Joseph, he met Mark Bustos on the day of this photo, an encounter that would land him a fresh haircut, a place to clean up and a pare of work boots for a job he would begin the next day. These seemingly simple essentials, which many of us deem as ordinary may change an entire life, make it extraordinary or as Joseph called it, “Unbelievable!”

Mark Bustos is a passionate stylist at New York’s Three Squares Salon whose usual clientele consist of celebrities like Norah Jones and Mark Jacobs. On his day off he could do a lot of things but rather than elevating his feet and reclining his seat, the 30-year old looks to donate his time and talent through random acts of kindness.

Every Sunday Bustos gives haircuts to people who are homeless. His girlfriend, Lucille Javier helps by giving these individuals care packages. Street photographer, Devin Madga captures Before and After pictures and adds the images to Mark Bustos’ Instagram page where he inspires over 215,000 followers to #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

Bustos, his photographer and his girlfriend set to the streets every Sunday around the Lower East Side, Union Square and Midtown. Their reputation proceeds them as many homeless peoples recognize the stylist when he travels the neighborhoods.

Bustos’ work has shown many they can make a difference by offering a small bit of assistance to strangers low on their luck. Followers on Instagram ask the stylist if they can join in his efforts. He motivates his fans saying, “Many people ask me how they can “team up” with me to #BeAwesomeToSomebody. My answer is plain and simple. Just go out and do it. You don’t need me.”

A little trim can go a long way. The Fillipino stylist does more than cut hair. He meets strangers that have fallen through the cracks, been ill or down on their luck. He puts names, faces and stories to a situation that many of us stereotype against. He trims hair and snips off the bad parts for these strangers.

So there you have it folks, the story that has David from the Bronx doing his happy dance!

Be Awesome to Somebody!


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