The Fortunate Receipt, A New York Coffee Shop That Cares.


The Fortunate Cup Coffee Cafe located at 120 West Avenue, Saratoga Springs is spreading good fortune daily by giving more than just a tasty brew!

When I began marketing and event planning for the Fortunate Cup Coffee Cafe, the owner, Steve and I discussed all of the possibilities to bring New York’s capital city community together. We wanted customers to feel good and not just because they were refreshed and rewired with caffeinated drinks and delicious sandwiches. We’ve planned a jazz night, we’re working on game nights, Ladies’ Night, and bringing in musicians but, we knew there were so many more possibilities. After reading about the Neapolitan tradition, cafe sospesso I believed we could make our local coffee shop an even more warm and inviting place for our community and customers.

Tomorrow, February 1st, this sign will occupy our counter and tally up all the do gooders who can spare change for a random act of kindness. This month we will provide customers with the opportunity to suspend receipts to provide a complimentary drink or meal for a stranger. We will return those suspended receipts to customers at random in hopes to make their day brighter. Who knows, maybe they will pay it forward too! It’s our way of showing customer appreciation and connecting strangers through genuine care for our community.

It gets better!…

In the coming months we will refocus our cause. We hope to use your suspended receipts as donations to buy meals for individuals in our community like caretakers, the less fortunate, school children, those who have fallen ill or suffer from disabilities and so on.

If you choose to participate we would love to hear your story! Tag us with #thefortunatereceipt


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