A Fortunate Story About the Suspended Receipt

So you may have read about the campaign I started at the Fortunate Cup Coffee Cafe in Saratoga Springs, called the Fortunate Receipt.

Recently, a wife asked her husband to come in and purchase her a large coffee. She was exhausted, suffering through a bad day at work with probably 5 more hours to go. Unfortunately, the cafe’s POS system was down and not accepting credit cards.

When her husband made it to the cafe, he ordered two coffees and pulled out a credit card. The barista explained the situation but the gentleman had no other way of paying. He was given a Fortunate Receipt that was left by a previous customer.

Him and his wife were so pleased to have received this random act of kindness that the next day they decided to pay it forward by purchasing Fortunate Receipts to suspend for others. Kindness is like a snowball, sometimes one small act can inspire a movement.


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