Heavenly Seven

living by what we give

Dale Partridge, 28, founded the do-good-themed business named Sevenly. Each week the company chooses a cause to donate $7 of each purchase to.

The Sevenly team proudly tells customers, “You matter,” encouraging them to make a purchase that will go on to help someone in need. Each week is a promising opportunity for customers to buy high quality products that donate to a charitable cause. What I enjoy about Sevenly’s cause marketing is that they not only donate to these foundations but they educate customers about the causes, why they are so important and why they need help. They also encourage customers through social media and blogging, inspiring them to give back and make the world a better place.

Partridge built a business on kindness rather than a large revenue. It goes to show that by finding what makes you feel rich, you may go on to make some money doing so. He is passionate about making a difference in lives around the world. All causes are different, some are for bringing happiness to the lives of those with cancer, others are to solve hunger in third world countries, there is no limit to where they place their passion for paying it forward. Even in their office, when an employee is having a bad day, Sevenly has a room dedicated to exposing all of the troubles they wish to solve. Employees take a step into this room and remember their work is important and they matter. Thanks Sevenly!


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