Five Ways to Activate Your Metabolism Today

Metabolism is a funny thing. It’s something you can inherit from your parents but change with perseverance and some little life changes. It’s not easy but here are some tips to think about. In my experience, small changes like these five, can change you’re whole life! Once you’ve successfully made these tips into habits, your metabolism will raise and you’ll be burning fat even when you are sitting on your laptop reading blogs. Not a bad deal, right?

1. Build some muscles! The more you exercise, the higher your metabolism. Building muscle will increase your metabolism because it’s heavier and thus uses more energy to maintain. A high intensity workout will speed up your resting metabolism, increasing your ability to burn calories. Get ready to eat A LOT. Remember, post-workout meals are important! It takes your body a lot of time to recover and even more so after a challenge like a high interval exercise, which is a benefit especially for those already fit. Your body is more familiar with a regular workout and won’t burn as much. When you change it up for example one day strength training with 1 minute rests between sets, next day 30 minutes of high intensity training, your body’s metabolism goes berserk when it’s thrown off course a little. Keep burning calories well after your workout!

2. Take time for tea, especially when it’s green! With active ingredients being antioxidant polyphenols and catechin, it’s been suggested that green tea improves digestion and thus weight loss progress. It also hydrates the body extremely well. Although the tea has not been proven to burn fat, it holds proof to contribute many other health benefits.

3. Know what calories are good calories. Every body is different. It’s important to be aware of how many calories you typically burn a day, and match your intake to that. Calories are a good thing!

4. Eat your Wheaties! Please, please, I beg you to quit skipping breakfast! So many people think it’s okay to skip breakfast but it’s actually terrible for you!

5. Six is the magic number. Six small meals a day will help you hit a peak metabolism. Go organic! Eat lots of protein! Eat fish! Stop eating trans-fat foods!

I hope these five tips have helped. A high metabolism can improve your livelihood and the precautions that assist you to getting there will improve your life. Feel free to leave a comment!



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