Sevenly Experience

I placed my first order with Sevenly at the end of January right around the time when I wrote about their respectable, do-good business.

Unfortunately, I do not feel that my actual experience held up to my expectations. I ordered one Never Give Up flowy V neck. By mid-February I hadn’t heard of its whereabouts nor had it shown up on my doorstep. I literally thought I imagined placing the order!

Finally, I check up. I found nothing. So, I spoke with their customer service, which was very helpful in answering my questions.

When I looked over the order I saw that the order was for TWO shirts when I only ordered one. Customer service told me that the shirt was on back order until March 4th and that they would fix the quantity and refund the money from the second shirt.

They did not.

I received my two shirts in the middle of March and have been busy moving so I didn’t have the time or patience to return the second or reach out to the customer service center that did not fix what they said they would in February.

So, now I have two shirts and no urge to purchase more with them. Is it just me or is this absurd? How was your experience with Sevenly? Is there a similar brand you like better?


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