More Exercise, Less Wrinkles!

Do you ever look at those grey haired women who otherwise look ageless and wonder, “How the f..?” Science! Bam! Hard work! Yes, of course genetics and whether or not that woman smoked in her life also play a large part but, let’s talk about why exercise keeps away wrinkles.

Studies performed by McMaster University discover that exercising 3 times a week can result in better brain function, healthier organs, stronger muscles and of course, more vibrant skin. The experiments that resulted in these findings were conducted after monitoring a similar test on mice.

The results in adults over the age of 40 who continually exercised throughout their lives had thicker dermis layer and a thinner, healthier stratum corneum, which assists in fighting off infections and dehydration.

So, if that’s not motivation enough, let’s break this down. If you dedicate 1 hour 3 out of 7 days of your week, you’ll not only feel better but also look better, and not just for bikini season but for the rest of your life. That’s only 3 hours out of 168 and you can spend it jogging, cycling, weight lifting, whatever suits you!

Alright, go on now!


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