Running Unplugged

I hate running. Most of us do. We think the perfect song will set our pace and get us motivated and on the move. It works for about 3 minutes.

Soon enough the song ends and we stop to find a new one or change pace to synchronize with the beat.

Recently I have been leaving everything at home and taking nothing with me on my runs. I used to do this from time to time but would then feel the need to cling to my phone and music once again because it was such an ample distraction from the run that I dread.

I always thought it helped me truthfully, but when I challenged myself to run unplugged for one week I noticed a huge change in my perspective on cardio.

What I noticed:

1. I don’t hate running as much.

2. Heightened concentration.

3. Afterwards, my head felt more clear and relaxed.

4. I stopped less and kept an even pace.

5. My form has improved because I pay more attention to it.

6. My time has improved. I don’t know exactly how much because I don’t even bring a watch with me.

7. I have more stamina.

8. More energy.

9. I get a better workout! I’ve never been as sore from running as I have been recently. I think it’s because I focus on my form and my muscles more. Drawing attention to them allows you to work those muscles more.

I encourage you to try this for at least one week. No headphones, no music, no phone, nothing, nada, zilch! Just you and your run.

Let me know what improvements you notice. Good luck!


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