One Mother Pays it Forward to Many

Linnaea Dinallo, owner of the Iron Roost in Balston Spa, New York has been celebrating Mother’s Day all week by donating 15% of sales to the Kupona Foundation

The non-profit foundation focuses on assisting women in Tanzania to find safe healthcare for giving birth. They are working towards building a 200-bed maternity and newborn hospital in Tanzania, a country in Africa where often 4 mothers will share a bed, many give birth on the floor, and nurses assist with 3 deliveries every hour.

Dinallo became a mother 17 months ago. She never expected the challenges that arose when she welcomed her baby girl into the world. Her daughter was sick and in need of medical treatment.

“It’s a harsh reality,” said Dinallo, while she expressed gratitude that she was able to receive treatment she began thinking of those who are not as lucky.

In an effort to pay it forward, the restaurant owner hopes to see that mothers around the world will be able to receive what Dinallo considers is a basic right that no woman should be denied – the ability to meet their newborn child.

Looking around the breakfast spot you will see postcards for the taking that will inform customers of the cause as well as stories of survivors and the hope provided by the foundation. It’s safe to say that this delicious breakfast filled not only my belly but also my heart.

For donations and a chance to win this bag created by a survivor of Obstetric Fistula or to learn more about the Kupona Foundation visit their website.


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