Yoga to Cure your Hangover

The yoga practice we’ve been waiting for!

It’s the weekend and here in the U.S. we’re celebrating Memorial Day and freedom. For a lot of us that means BBQing and drinking beers.

We’re all stuffed with toxins and probably feeling really sh!tty but, no worries. I’ve got some Relephant tips for you to detox and twist it all out like the towel you’re mopping the beer pong table with.

DSC_0182 (2)

There are a lot of different ways to help you’re body recover from a massive hangover. Certain yoga positions benefit this process in different ways, curing headaches, stomach aches and so on. You probably can’t rush through this even if you want to however, I suggest taking your time in the poses to receive the most from the practice. Follow this sequence on the couch or bed or where ever you are capable of dragging your hungover self to.

1. Corpse Pose

DSC_0176 (2)

Yeah, you’ve been practicing this for a while, and maybe you’ve even slept a little. That’s what makes it such a great remedy, the body needs rest! Unfortunately, you might have to go to work or do something that involves moving so, let’s move on…

2. Extended Child’s Pose

DSC_0179 (2)

Roll over into Child’s Pose and take some deep breaths through the nose into the back of the throat and release them out the same way. Rest your forehead on the floor to help massage that headache away.

3. Seated Half Spinal Twist Pose
Ardha Matsyendrasana

DSC_0184 (2)

Twists are the best way to wring out your toxins, frustrations and anxieties. This Seated Half Spinal Twist has been said to massage the abdominal organs, detoxify the liver and kidneys and stimulate the digestive system.

4. Knee to Chest Pose

DSC_0187 (2)

Hug your knees into your chest while not allowing the spine to round and this pose will squeeze out toxins. It assists with gas, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, acidity, and constipation while also helping you through anxieties and depression.

5. Reclining Spinal Twist
Supta Matsyendrasana

DSC_0188 (2)

While slowly dropping your knees to either side, you will feel a deep stretch throughout back muscles and glutes while also reestablishing your balance. The organs in your torso will be wrung out, detoxifying and stimulating them. If you only do one pose, do this one. It will revitalize you pretty well while not asking you to do much to practice it.

6. Upward Facing Dog
Urdvha Mukha Svanasana

DSC_0189 (2)

This is the beginning of your wake up call.
Upward Dog is good for those hangover symptoms like fatigue or depression. It can’t cure regret, but I never said I was a miracle worker.
You’ll also feel a stretch in your abdomen and back. Those muscles will strengthen and you’ll feel a little less weak to your stomach.

7. Standing Half Forward Bend
Ardha Uttanasana

DSC_0190 (2)

Honestly, sometimes I’m a little too hungover to do this standing up. If you had too many last night, just take a seat and fold forward towards your toes.
If you’re standing up, you’ll feel a rush of blood to your head and balance may be a challenge. The result: increased focus and balance throughout your day. If you’re seated, try to touch your head to your knees. Both variations can help with both headaches and nausea.

8. Sun Salutations
Surya Mandaskar

DSC_0195 (2)

Peace out hangover! Just take some sun salutations to get your heart rate going. You’ll feel yourself gain some benefits from your practice, the most important of which, feeling better than you did before you started.

Feel free to leave questions or comments below!


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