Not Quite Feeling the Love, ZuVi

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you may know, I wrote an article, Four Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothing Companies featuring Love ZuVi back in March. 

When I posted about it on my Instagram, Zuvi’s Instagram page commented on my post. That’s when I thought, “They must be heaven sent, I need to buy something.” Now, I’m sitting here with my foot in my mouth while feeling like I’m never seeing that $42.50 ever again nor does it seem that I will see my Sail Away pants on my doorstep.

I ordered these pants on August 7th. My shipping label was printed the day of my order being placed, approximately a few hours after I purchased my new Sail Away pants via.

It is now August 21st and I still have not received them. I went on a few days ago to track them, they haven’t even been shipped! Last night, (August 19) I emailed Zuvi after work and have yet to hear back. I am extremely disappointed as I had such high hopes for writing a positive review on this admirable company for their services. ZuVi is cleaning our planet of plastic waste and creating fashionable yoga gear, which is phenomenal. Unfortunately, whatever happened to my order is completely turning me off from their company and their lack of urgency addressing my complaint is unacceptable.

Will write again soon.



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