WOOH! Finally. My Sail Away pants arrived yesterday.

I viewed my tracking to see what had happened within the 16 days it took for this purchase to actually reach me. They were in “Pre-shipment” from August 7 – August 22. Once they were accepted at the USPS Origin Facility in Anaheim, California, the package only took 2 days to reach my doorstep in upstate New York. Needless to say, I’m disappointed with that 15 day period where my package just sat in Pre-shipment and my emails went unanswered.

Meanwhile, I emailed ZuVi twice and still have yet to hear back. So, ZuVi needs to work on their customer service. This was not a pleasant process.

DSC_0201 (2)

On the upside, I will say that I LOVE THESE PANTS. I was worried about their comfort due to the fact that they are made from plastic bottles, but WOW. These are some of the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn.

The clothing line takes yarn that was made from recycled plastic bottles and mixes it with spandex. The ratio is 16% spandex and 84% recycled PET.

I wore them to yoga this morning and they felt so weightless and so flexible that I barely remembered I was wearing anything at all. In addition, I received so many compliments already!

DSC_0212 (2)

There were also an free pare of Blue Crush Shorties which are sold in their store for $38 (same price as my Sail Away pants). I’m not sure if this was an addition due to the shipping problems or what, but, I’m not complaining.

All in all, I love my purchase because the pants are eco-friendly, comfortable and fashionable. They’re more expensive than I usually spend but definitely a great investment as I know I will wear them often.


Not Quite Feeling the Love, ZuVi

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you may know, I wrote an article, Four Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothing Companies featuring Love ZuVi back in March. 

When I posted about it on my Instagram, Zuvi’s Instagram page commented on my post. That’s when I thought, “They must be heaven sent, I need to buy something.” Now, I’m sitting here with my foot in my mouth while feeling like I’m never seeing that $42.50 ever again nor does it seem that I will see my Sail Away pants on my doorstep.

I ordered these pants on August 7th. My shipping label was printed the day of my order being placed, approximately a few hours after I purchased my new Sail Away pants via.

It is now August 21st and I still have not received them. I went on a few days ago to track them, they haven’t even been shipped! Last night, (August 19) I emailed Zuvi after work and have yet to hear back. I am extremely disappointed as I had such high hopes for writing a positive review on this admirable company for their services. ZuVi is cleaning our planet of plastic waste and creating fashionable yoga gear, which is phenomenal. Unfortunately, whatever happened to my order is completely turning me off from their company and their lack of urgency addressing my complaint is unacceptable.

Will write again soon.


A Book Campaigning for a Cause

This past weekend was the state Kiwanis Convention in Albany, New York. I was lucky enough to be invited and given a table to display my book, Signing Together, advocate for CdLS and raffle off a prize basket at the incredibly beautiful Desmond Hotel! If that’s not exciting enough, I was also invited to the Long Island Writers’ House the week before. To say the least, it’s been a very busy but extraordinary week in the life of Katie Brush.


It was a pleasure to become involved with Kiwanis back in December. Kiwanis and I both share a huge passion for seeing children receive the education they deserve.

My picture book, which teaches American Sign Language and donates to a foundation named the CdLS Foundation, was published 11 months ago and has opened so many doors and eyes of which I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of.


On August 9, I was invited to teach a seminar at the Long Island Writers’ House. I taught some sign language, spoke about my book and history, as well as informed individuals of the foundation.

CdLS is a syndrome that effects 1 in 10,000 live births. It’s very rare and often sounds like a foreign language to families prior to diagnosis. There is no way of preventing the syndrome and it is not usually hereditary.

My 10-year old cousin was born with this and is effected mentally, medically and physically. Although the impact that sign language will make on her life is unclear, research shows that many children whether they be hearing, deaf, or cognitively disabled, may experience a positive influence from the language.

Thank you to everyone who joined me throughout this journey. I have to say, my favorite part of this experience has been hearing stories about the impact my book has made in the lives of others. I will share stories that readers’ have told me recently about their experiences with Signing Together that truly warmed my heart. Keep an eye out for it!

3 Ways to Make the Day Kinder

I love the Giving Keys. They produce unique, handcrafted jewelry which supports individuals transitioning out of homelessness. Recycled house keys compose their products and symbolize how when we come together for the greater good we can truly open doors.

Their blog is ever inspiring and so, I wanted to share this post with so that it stays with you all today, “3 Ways to Make the Day Kinder“. 3 ways to improve your days and the days of others. 3 things to set as intentions for today, tomorrow and on. 


1. Be aware of the needs of others.

2. Be patient.

3. Engage in the present.

There you have it. Read their blog for more on ways to be the change. 3 ways to sweeten someone’s day and sprinkle sugar on the world. 3 ways to lasso the stars and pull them close. 

3 ways to make the day count. Seize it.


There is a Time and Place for Carbs

Carbohydrates are fuel for the fit. They give the body essential nutrients that provide the body with energy for daily activities.

The myth that carbs add fat to your body derives from eating those macro-nutrients at the wrong time.

Believe it or not there is a time and place for carbs!

1. Eat your carbs early in the day. A bowl of oatmeal is a great wake up call.

2. Eat your carbs after your workout while your body is recovering. Your body will eat those macro-nutrients right up! This is especially important for those of you hoping to gain muscle or lose weight.

3. Avoid eating carbs late at night or any other hour that you may spend resting like before going to an office job and sitting in a chair all day.

Thank you Obi Obadike for these awesome tips!

Why Does my Yoga Practice Hurt?

I recently met someone who just began their yoga journey. The goal he set for himself was to cure his back pain, something that so many of us deal with on an all too often basis.

When I began a few years ago, I did so for the similar reasons. I suffered from stress related back pains that caused knots and sharp pains. Often, I could hunch my shoulders forward just an inch or two and my back would crack itself. It was embarrassing being a college student with the spine of a senior citizen. I also had anxiety issues and fitness goals I wanted to work on and so, started my yoga journey.

Long story short, this friend of mine watched a YouTube video and felt he strained his back even more.

But yoga can heal anything and anyone! WHAT HAPPENED?

YouTube is great, you can learn everything from tying your shoes to cooking dinner on there. But yoga, not always so great on there.

Why? You’re too distracted. You’re not connected with your body on a deep level because you’re too worried that the volume isn’t loud enough or that you’re not watching enough.

I saw him do a downward dog that tightened his neck because he was looking in every direction. Hips were off and so on and so forth. It’s not about perfection. Yoga is freedom and connection.

Yoga is based on meditation, flowing through a vinyasa flow without straining your body or mind. The goal is nirvana. I highly suggest attending a class for beginners. Your computer can teach you poses to take you there but, truthfully, only you can take yourself there. Relax. Breath. Flow.

Read it or study it but don’t bring your laptop to your mat. In fact close your laptop, let your mind wander. Explore. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy.


Post Workout Kale Challenge

I am making progress in liking kale. About a third of this smoothie is kale and I drank it all! Sorry, puppies can’t have any. 😋

I used my favorite protein shake, EAS AdvantagEdge, chocolate fudge.


  • Add one EAS drink.
  • One large scoop of Cabot Greek Vanilla Bean yogurt.
  • Two handfuls of Italian Mix Kale.
  • A handful of blueberries.
  • Some ice cubes.
  • Blend it up & serve!

This smoothie has a nice balance of sweetness and a touch of tartness. It’s a great pick-me-up because of those two tastes. 

I love EAS because their drinks are delicious, nutritious and don’t make me feel bloated. I highly recommend them.
Have a good day everyone!