3 Ways to Make the Day Kinder

I love the Giving Keys. They produce unique, handcrafted jewelry which supports individuals transitioning out of homelessness. Recycled house keys compose their products and symbolize how when we come together for the greater good we can truly open doors.

Their blog is ever inspiring and so, I wanted to share this post with so that it stays with you all today, “3 Ways to Make the Day Kinder“. 3 ways to improve your days and the days of others. 3 things to set as intentions for today, tomorrow and on. 


1. Be aware of the needs of others.

2. Be patient.

3. Engage in the present.

There you have it. Read their blog for more on ways to be the change. 3 ways to sweeten someone’s day and sprinkle sugar on the world. 3 ways to lasso the stars and pull them close. 

3 ways to make the day count. Seize it.



Lush Cosmetics Against Animal Testing

My best friend gave me these soaps and cosmetics for my birthday this year. It’s safe to say she knows me pretty well! Not only do these cosmetics smell and feel amazing but they also stand up for an extraordinary cause for those without a voice of their own.

Lush is a company that was built on the promise to not test any of their cosmetics on animals. They also refuse to buy ingredients from companies that test anything on animals.

“The reasons for this: One is we don’t believe that animal testing ensures safety. So, we want to think of other things when it comes to safety – other ways of testing,” says Lush Co-Founder, Mark Constantine, “The other one is simply compassion.”

Their policy has been a challenge to uphold. Distributors often change their testing habits, which then result in Lush not being able to use any ingredients from those companies.

It’s not simply a matter of finding ingredients or not. The cosmetic company fights animal testing in other ways such as getting customers involved in signing petitions in hopes to make a difference and save lives of animals.

Hometown Hero Saves Neighbors and Agrees, All Lives Matter

I recently found this article about a house fire in my hometown. It’s not just about a good Samaritan saving his neighbors from danger.

Race crisis are swarming our news feeds and people are stricken with fear for their safety. I don’t say much about it because truthfully I’m ashamed that we see color and let it blind us. This story is incredibly Relephant at this time in our country.

Thomas Earl heard the cries for help from his neighbor, James Donnoly and thought of nothing but how to help save the man’s wife who was trapped inside.

“It’s something that everyone should do.” said Earl, “If you see someone in trouble, you go help. I don’t care if they’re white, black, purple, I don’t care, if someone is in need, you help.

One Mother Pays it Forward to Many

Linnaea Dinallo, owner of the Iron Roost in Balston Spa, New York has been celebrating Mother’s Day all week by donating 15% of sales to the Kupona Foundation

The non-profit foundation focuses on assisting women in Tanzania to find safe healthcare for giving birth. They are working towards building a 200-bed maternity and newborn hospital in Tanzania, a country in Africa where often 4 mothers will share a bed, many give birth on the floor, and nurses assist with 3 deliveries every hour.

Dinallo became a mother 17 months ago. She never expected the challenges that arose when she welcomed her baby girl into the world. Her daughter was sick and in need of medical treatment.

“It’s a harsh reality,” said Dinallo, while she expressed gratitude that she was able to receive treatment she began thinking of those who are not as lucky.

In an effort to pay it forward, the restaurant owner hopes to see that mothers around the world will be able to receive what Dinallo considers is a basic right that no woman should be denied – the ability to meet their newborn child.

Looking around the breakfast spot you will see postcards for the taking that will inform customers of the cause as well as stories of survivors and the hope provided by the foundation. It’s safe to say that this delicious breakfast filled not only my belly but also my heart.

For donations and a chance to win this bag created by a survivor of Obstetric Fistula or to learn more about the Kupona Foundation visit their website.

Seven Beginner Level Yoga Postures to Rid Anxiety

Whether it is anxiety, stress or depression, a mental ailment is a serious challenge for any individual. There are a lot of different ways to fight off those negative emotions. This yoga routine is a pair of boxing gloves and Nama-stay stress free if you know what I’m saying.


The following is a beginner level vinyasa aiding in stress and anxiety relief for beginner yogis and those new to yoga.
For the sake of getting the most out of this routine please read the article before practicing! 🙂

Seven Beginner Level Yoga Postures to Rid Anxiety


1. Bound Angle Pose
Baddha Konasana

Some of you may have trouble entering this pose if you’re tight. Sit on a pillow or blanket for some extra leverage.

Grab onto your big toes with your middle, pointer and thumb fingers. Now pull your heels together and in towards your body while also keeping your back straight to avoid lower back pain.

Relax in this pose for a few minutes. Read this article to learn more about Bound Angle Pose.


2. Seated Staff Pose

Looks simple enough, right? Lengthen your legs and flex your feet while keeping your back straight. You can rock side to side to get the flattest seat. Focus on your breath here and relax for 3-5 minutes.

Now go on a reap all of these benefits !


3. Fish Pose

Place your hands underneath your hips, palms down. Open your chest and relax your neck, dropping your head back and slowly lowering down to the elbows before gently placing the crown of the head on the floor.

This will open the hip flexors and other muscles you never thought of stretching like the front of your neck! Get ready to strengthen the back, too. Also, this pose is excellent to fix poor posture.


4. Camel Pose

To enter this pose, rise to your knees and place your hands on your hips. You don’t need to enter the pose fully if you don’t feel comfortable. Leave your hands on your hips and you open up your chest and drop the head backwards. Use the pressure of your hands on the back of your pelvis to enter this pose as far as possible.

If you feel comfortable, let your hands down to rest on the heels of the feet and push your hips forward. This will assist in anxiety and other ailments such as fatigue and mild back pains. Learn more here.


5. Bow Pose

Beginners may be interested in using a yoga strap if they cannot grab their feet behind them. Don’t have a strap? Try a belt or a tie!

This pose is reflective of the power of counterbalance. We’re stretching the entire front of the body plus the ankles, thighs, chest, throat, and deep hip flexors while gaining strength in your back muscles.

Other benefits include relief for constipation, respiratory ailments, fatigue and mild back aches.


6. Standing Forward Fold

Woo! Stand up, reach up, show some gratitude for today and elongate your spine to relieve tension after all those back bend poses! Breath deep my friends. On the exhale, hinge at the hips, keeping the back straight as you fold forward.

You can bend your knees a bit here. Relax the neck by shaking your head “yes” and “no.” Enjoy the massage you can feel on your internal organs and that deep stretch as you straighten you legs. Say goodbye to stress, headaches, fatigue and insomnia with this pose!


7. Tree Pose

If you struggle with meditation this pose will be the most beneficial in taking your mind off of your stresses. Focus on a steady point in front of you and press the 4 corners of your right foot into the floor. The vitality of concentration will keep you too busy to think of anything else.

Bring hands to prayer. Begin lifting the left leg at a 90° angle, turn the knee out and open the hips. When ready, grab the left foot and place it in whichever variation is most comfortable. One option is as shown above, place the foot on the inside of the thigh, as high above the knee as possible. Another option is half lotus for an extra stretch.

Other benefits are posture, balance, increase in the hips’ range of motion, toning the muscles in the legs, back, and chest, and also strengthening the ankles.

Be sure to repeat on the other side.

Inhale. Stretch up towards the ceiling. Exhale down to heart’s center. Take time to be thankful for this day and all that you have gained in life on your way here.

Everything happens as and when it’s needed to so, we can’t always help what happens. We can, however, control how we react. It is not what happens to us that shapes us but how we handle it.

Enjoy your day and please feel free to leave a comment!

What’s going on?

Relephant Matters is in a sling shot right now. I’m pulling back on the reigns slightly with WordPress because of the intentions I have set for the blog’s future. Since I really want you all to be a part of that future, I decided to tell you what’s going on.

I want this lifestyle blog to encourage so many great causes and inspire myself and my readers to become the force that influences change in our world with small everyday changes and sometimes big ones.

In the coming months I will create a website with all of your lifestyle needs. Also, a store! We’re not just selling products, we’re giving you a purchase that will fill you with that warm happy feeling not just because you’re buying a great thing but because you know you just did something awesome for someone or something else. This store will only carry cause marketing related products. That means if they don’t give back to the world in some way, we don’t market them!

I also expect to broaden the horizons of our sections and make the site easy to navigate.

Relephant Wellness: Health Tips and Tricks, Fitness Exercises, What’s good and bad for you, Home Remedies and so on.

Hearts That Matter: We’re trying out all kinds of Charity projects and programs! I am most excited for this addition. I love meeting extraordinary human beings who set their hearts on doing something good for others and it’s an honor to write about them and their work.

Minds of Matter: A news resource, educational section and will in the future include travel. To travel can broaden the mind just as much as a textbook and I believe it’s important to do. Don’t worry though, I’m not rich so I’m looking for great deals and delicious restaurants to eat at. Plus, my travels always earn me some absurd story that will be sure to entertain you.

We will also have an email address in case you have any topics you would like us to answer questions or cover new topics.

So, what do you think? I’m happy to hear from any and every one of you.

Your support and enthusiasm for a great life is what keeps me going! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Humbly Yours,


World Water Day

Today is World Water Day to honor the right of all individuals to have access to safe water, a right that is nonexistent for approximately 1 in every 8 people. Every minute, a child dies from an illness caused by contaminated water.

Organizations like Water.org, Water For People and Project Humanity advocate clean water and make important strides towards providing water and functional toilets.

Be sure to conserve water, don’t leave it running, don’t do a hundred small loads of dishes and laundry when you can keep it simple and run these machines one time. Water is a luxury many of us have grown up with but there are still many without.