Lessons in Trusting the Universe Pt. II

Last month I left New York on a journey to become a yoga teacher. I studied in a country I had never been to, with people I had never met, learning some more lessons and trusting the universe.

My long hiatus from blogging was spent soul searching for understanding, acceptance and balance. Something we can all always use a little teaspoon more of. Although I had signed up to become a yoga teacher in June 2015, by the time the class arrived, teaching was not my priority and that was fine. There were other things to figure out.

What I find to be amazing is that no matter how crazy your life can feel, the universe has a quick tendency to humble you and in doing so, reminding you that you’re here for a very specific yet mysterious reason.

This blog seems short considering I’ve been MIA for about two months but that’s life.

Wishing the best for all of you.

Talk soon.



Elephant Pants

Pants for elephants? Well, yeah, kind of. They’re a real thing but they’re actually for you to buy in order to support the African Wildlife Foundation’s efforts to save elephants around the world. For every purchase (depending on the price of the purchase) they donate $1 or $4.

Their products are all covered in artistic designs which, naturally, are covered in elephants. So, if you’re an elephant lover like me, it’s a gold mine filled with harem pants, tapestries, shorts, rompers, jewelry and more!

The business was created with the help of Kickstarter in October of 2014 by two elephant phans, Nathan and James. Nathan Coleman was inspired by pants he had purchased in Chiang Mai, Thailand during a visit in September 2013. With compassion for the decreasing population of elephants, the two decided to partner with the AWF’s Say No Campaign with the goal to end poaching.


About my purchase:

I bought the “Hattie” pants. They have a high elastic waste, loose legs with pockets and elastic bottoms at the ankles similar to their other pant designs. Each pair has a story. Hattie was from New York City’s Central Park zoo. She was said to be, “the most intelligent of all elephants” so it only makes sense that her style warm and bright hues of orange, purple, teal, and tan. The design makes them comfortable and perfect for yoga. They won’t move around while you’re out adventuring or playing upside down.

The Hattie pants are $25 but I used a code from an ambassador to save 15% use the discount code: KristenL
Also, receive free shipping for purchases over $75!

That’s a good buy. 😉

Hometown Hero Saves Neighbors and Agrees, All Lives Matter

I recently found this article about a house fire in my hometown. It’s not just about a good Samaritan saving his neighbors from danger.

Race crisis are swarming our news feeds and people are stricken with fear for their safety. I don’t say much about it because truthfully I’m ashamed that we see color and let it blind us. This story is incredibly Relephant at this time in our country.

Thomas Earl heard the cries for help from his neighbor, James Donnoly and thought of nothing but how to help save the man’s wife who was trapped inside.

“It’s something that everyone should do.” said Earl, “If you see someone in trouble, you go help. I don’t care if they’re white, black, purple, I don’t care, if someone is in need, you help.

Skin Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate

Black, white, Latino or Asian, skin cancer only cares that you have skin, not what color it is. Skin cancer does not discriminate. Did you know Bob Marley lost his battle to skin cancer?

I had just turned 18 when I was diagnosed with Melanoma, which is one of the hardest types of skin cancer to treat. Melanoma poses a risk of moving quickly through the skin and into the blood.

What has saved my life time and time again is knowledge.

That’s why I feel so strongly about sharing this with you today. I want you to feel protected with your knowledge and use that to battle Skin cancer and other threats to your health.

You only get one life and one body. Be kind to it. Wear sunscreen. See a dermatologist every year. Take care.


Why Angelina Jolie’s Letter Will Impact Lives in Great Ways

 Via @brangelina_love on Instagram.

Every year, over 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer. “Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, understanding what to expect can help you cope,” says the American Cancer Society.

Angeline Jolie Pitt lost her mother to Ovarian cancer at a young age. With this in mind, the actress, filmmaker and special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, recently made a courageous decision to remove her ovaries and Fallopian tubes to squash her potential risk of Ovarian cancer. She then wrote about the entire process and released it to the press because as she states, “I want other women to hear this.”

Angelina Jolie Pitt’s letter is bound to impact lives as it exposes the raw reality, which is that we are all vulnerable. There is no sugar coating the issue. There is however, a great force that we may protect ourselves with: knowledge.

“It is not possible to remove all risk, and the fact is I remain prone to cancer. I will look for natural ways to strengthen my immune system. I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say, “Mom died of ovarian cancer.”

She reaches around the world with this letter to educate individuals of the importance in recognizing your susceptibility to different forms of cancer. No matter your age, gender, wealth, lifestyle, you must be aware of your family history, know your body and know that there are always different routes to fight cancer.

Angelina’s struggle is important to be discussed because reminds us that we are all susceptible to cancer. Perhaps the victims are not those who have the disease and fight, but those whom never protect themselves from the possibility.

“I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared.”

“The beautiful thing about such moments in life is that there is so much clarity. You know what you live for and what matters. It is polarizing, and it is peaceful.”

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day to honor the right of all individuals to have access to safe water, a right that is nonexistent for approximately 1 in every 8 people. Every minute, a child dies from an illness caused by contaminated water.

Organizations like Water.org, Water For People and Project Humanity advocate clean water and make important strides towards providing water and functional toilets.

Be sure to conserve water, don’t leave it running, don’t do a hundred small loads of dishes and laundry when you can keep it simple and run these machines one time. Water is a luxury many of us have grown up with but there are still many without.

Standing Head to Knee Pose

DSC_0117A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than himself.” – Josh Billings

Lucky often makes my yoga mat into an obstacle course filled with the laughter of a playground. I couldn’t manage a picture that he wouldn’t photobomb. Anyways, that’s not what this post is about… it’s about Standing Head to Knee pose.

I remember first learning Head to Knee or Dandayamana Janushirasana at Bikram Hot Yoga in Setauket, New York. Between the stench of sweat and a beginner’s lack of balance, it was really challenging for me to find focus and pull my face towards my knee without hopping and stumbling back onto two feet. Yes, I was one of those people ruining my neighbors’ zen, sorry, but with practice I finally learned to conquer my mind.

In order to perform this posture
Think of your foot rooted into the floor, every edge of your foot is grounded. Distribute your weight throughout the planted foot. Take your time to engage your knee, after about a minute it becomes safe to lock your knee. Your leg should be locked as you reach for the foot of the leg you wish to stretch. Clasp your hands, lacing your fingers around the middle of your foot and pull your knee into your chest. Stare at a fixed point to keep balance and when you feel stable, lengthen the leg in front of you, aiming to keep legs at a 90 degree angle. When you feel comfortable use your arm strength to pull your face to your knee.

Benefits of Standing Head to Knee Pose

  • Improves concentration and builds mental strength.
  • Beneficial for fighting diabetes.
  • Strengthens back muscles, tendons, biceps, hamstrings, thighs, deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, scapula, biceps and triceps.
  • Compresses and flushes Pancreas, Thyroid, Thymus, abdominal and reproductive organs.
  • Improves sex through the massage of reproductive organs.
  • Improves flexibility in the sciatic nerve.
  • Helps to decrease varicose veins.
  • Prevent future knee injuries by strengthening soft tissue around the knee.