My Makeup Remover Comes from Coconuts

Coconut oil has a ridiculously long list of uses. I mean the list is like Ted’s narration in “How I Met Your Mother.” I could make this quick and easy by telling you that I use coconut oil for everything, I mean, ev-ery-thing. No joke, but, I prefer making this into 9 seasons.

1. Buy coconut oil. You can find it in nearly any food store. You can spend anything between $5-25. It’s whatever you prefer.

2. Bring it home.

3. Have makeup on your face. Waterproof, thick or tough to take off? No problem. Coconut oil breaks up and releases makeup from your skin from and lashes.

4. Rub some coconut oil between your hands to melt it a little before putting it on your face.

5. SOFT SKIN. Yes, now you’re getting it. Not only is this an affordable but it’s a great moisturizer for your face and especially for the delicate skin beneath your eyes.

6. Use a cotton ball to wipe off your makeup.

7. Be amazed.

8. Give yourself a high five.

9. Leave a comment about how much you love coconut oil and your favorite way to use it.



Acne Scars

Acne scars are the worst. They’re hard to cover up and hard not to notice.

Today I’m working on ridding my face of some serious bumps and scars by leaving this treatment on for a half hour.


1 teaspoon of cinnamon 

1 teaspoon of nutmeg 

1 teaspoon of honey 
What’s your favorite acne scar treatment?  

Natural Hair Treatment

Do you want shiny, healthy, soft hair? These ingredients will fill your mane with vitamins and nutrients that will wash away a lot of the damage you feel when you run your hands through your hair now.

I do this incredible treatment once a week and leave in the mixture for about an hour before shampooing and conditioning.

Use about 1/3 cup of coconut oil (more or less depending on how much hair you have). Melt it in the microwave and rub it into your scalp and hair.

Crack open 1 egg, scramble it up in a bowl and then pour in over your head. You’re looking real good right about now, but wait!

Saran wrap your hair onto your head or use a shower cap. Yeah, I’m serious. You need to lock in all the good stuff to get the best effects.

Here are a few more treatments for more specific needs. I have yet to try all of them but I can say confidently that I’m sure they work!

A Natural Homemade Face Scrub

I recently tried a home remedy for my acne. It’s sweet! Literally. You will love this brown sugar and honey concoction! I think I feel better about my skin the second I open the jar.   

This miracle scrub is made up of:

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of honey

1/2 cup of brown sugar

Use it morning and night. I like to suggest following up with a moisturizing lotion afterwards or a tiny bit of coconut oil to hydrate your skin.

Let me know what you think!

Four Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Homes


Earth Day is here and I’m wondering about all of the new options popping up around the world to create something sustainable with a low carbon footprint. Here are some homes that fit that criteria.

1. Bamboo Living

In Vietnam these bamboo homes have been designed by H&P architects to be sold to individuals on a low income. They cost an approximate of $2,500!

bamboo homes

2. Earth Ships

These homes can be built anywhere in the world. They are intended to provide food, solar heating/cooling, solar wind and electricity. Each one is built from recycled and natural materials.


3. The WorldFLEXHome

This is the first prefabricated home. It is made with recycled shipping containers.


4. Honduras based Eco Tech

Take some plastic bottles, fill them with mud and bind them together and bam! You have one of these beautiful homes!

eco-tec honduras Ecoparque Zamorano 3

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.