Prayer Pose and Positivity


Prayer Pose


Prayer Pose will align your physical body and as a result the non-physical may follow. To balance physically requires concentration. Close your eyes. Bring your hands together at Heart’s Center and press your palms together. Keep a straight posture and press your shoulders back. You may stand or sit whatever is comfortable. Just relax and meditate. The pose will result in balance that will engage your imagination, intuition and focus. Enjoy this blissful harmony.

I myself am not a religious person. I am simply filled with faith. In Prayer pose I find strength in letting go. Having faith that the universe also pursues balance and all good things do come in time. Do not quit searching for them.

A negative mind is the most destructive illness.

It seems as though illnesses have been running my life recently. To add to my anxiety over those around me who have been sick, a doctor appointment added self concern to worry. I was mad and I was hurt that in a time that was already so complicated my body would throw this curve ball at me. I was mad at my body for betraying me.

Wait, what?

Is that honestly it? My body has betrayed me because it is sick?

It was not my body that was wronging me but my mind, telling me to turn against myself. To hate myself. Sometimes it is easiest to think of what is wrong before what is true.

Negative thoughts can only hurt you if you give them permission. Time to sort this out. Put your foot down. No distractions, we are sorting out this issue like two elementary school students told by their teacher to stand in the hallway until they apologized to one another.

I encourage you… Press your palms together. Find symmetry. Find balance. Know that your existance is not betraying you, it is teaching you to fight through fear and see what blessings lie ahead. Life is not handed out with promises. It’s taken and lived in seconds, not years.

Your body doesn’t hate you. Contrarily, it loves you so much that it will sacrifice itself to teach you what you struggle to understand. Your body is selfless and if you listen to its cries for help you will find that it is only trying to help you learn how to improve your life.

“There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.” – Deepak Chopra



What if?

what if.

What if when you die they ask, “How was Heaven?”

This blew me away. I have been struggling to find my gratitude this past week due to a series of misfortunate events. This blew my mind and put it back together with the correct mindset. Everyday is a gift. Our lives are ever wonderful holidays when we are grateful for the present.

I thought I would share. I hope this helps you as much as it did me.


Minds of Matter

Relephant Matters is composed of three categories: Relephant Wellness, Hearts that Matter and Minds of Matter. So far you’ve read articles on wellness including yoga and healthy meals, you’ve also read some articles on people who have made impacts on our world with their courageous compassion. Now we introduce Minds of Matter.

Minds of Matter will report on world news about discoveries that are predicted to change our world for the better. Some upcoming posts will include Solar Roadways, Bolivia’s “Law of Mother Earth” and Forest Schools. Feel free to comment about your ideas or topics you would like discussed! We want to spread awareness and inspiration to those of you who will one day be the future Benjamin Franklins and Maya Angelous.