“A bigger house, a happier wife”

It was weird this morning, getting out for a run that my body really needed after a long absence. A new neighbor is building his home on Saratoga lake and he’s facetiously singing, “We’ll drink lots of beer and build a bench over here, what a great life, a bigger house and a happier wife.”

How can you not laugh at that? We all want bigger and better. We want what’s new and improved in the belief it will improve us by association.

I’ve been living in a Harry Potter closet for over a year. It’s a make-shift room that everyone walks through to get to the washing machine. My bed is the laundry table and there’s a food cabinet in my bedroom that once was our house’s storage room. I can’t even close my door all the way because it’s broken and I get locked in. When my dogs come in and lay on the floor, I literally can’t leave until they do.

Honestly, I secretly love to hate it and hate to love it. I remind myself how blessed I am to have a home, but, naturally, I sometimes find myself thinking, “If I had my own place, my own room, my own office, I would write, practice, dance, cook, do everything more.”

Would I though? Would my situation change my habits? Not at all.

We should all revel in our lives’ bits of chaos. Go a little crazy. Learn to love more of life with less. We should always remind ourselves that don’t need lots of money or space or new things. We need self-efface and sufficiency because one day it can all be taken away and to be honest, one day it will.

Make a home in your happiness.


What’s going on?

Relephant Matters is in a sling shot right now. I’m pulling back on the reigns slightly with WordPress because of the intentions I have set for the blog’s future. Since I really want you all to be a part of that future, I decided to tell you what’s going on.

I want this lifestyle blog to encourage so many great causes and inspire myself and my readers to become the force that influences change in our world with small everyday changes and sometimes big ones.

In the coming months I will create a website with all of your lifestyle needs. Also, a store! We’re not just selling products, we’re giving you a purchase that will fill you with that warm happy feeling not just because you’re buying a great thing but because you know you just did something awesome for someone or something else. This store will only carry cause marketing related products. That means if they don’t give back to the world in some way, we don’t market them!

I also expect to broaden the horizons of our sections and make the site easy to navigate.

Relephant Wellness: Health Tips and Tricks, Fitness Exercises, What’s good and bad for you, Home Remedies and so on.

Hearts That Matter: We’re trying out all kinds of Charity projects and programs! I am most excited for this addition. I love meeting extraordinary human beings who set their hearts on doing something good for others and it’s an honor to write about them and their work.

Minds of Matter: A news resource, educational section and will in the future include travel. To travel can broaden the mind just as much as a textbook and I believe it’s important to do. Don’t worry though, I’m not rich so I’m looking for great deals and delicious restaurants to eat at. Plus, my travels always earn me some absurd story that will be sure to entertain you.

We will also have an email address in case you have any topics you would like us to answer questions or cover new topics.

So, what do you think? I’m happy to hear from any and every one of you.

Your support and enthusiasm for a great life is what keeps me going! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Humbly Yours,