Four Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Homes


Earth Day is here and I’m wondering about all of the new options popping up around the world to create something sustainable with a low carbon footprint. Here are some homes that fit that criteria.

1. Bamboo Living

In Vietnam these bamboo homes have been designed by H&P architects to be sold to individuals on a low income. They cost an approximate of $2,500!

bamboo homes

2. Earth Ships

These homes can be built anywhere in the world. They are intended to provide food, solar heating/cooling, solar wind and electricity. Each one is built from recycled and natural materials.


3. The WorldFLEXHome

This is the first prefabricated home. It is made with recycled shipping containers.


4. Honduras based Eco Tech

Take some plastic bottles, fill them with mud and bind them together and bam! You have one of these beautiful homes!

eco-tec honduras Ecoparque Zamorano 3

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.


Start With Why!


The force behind why we do what we do is so incredibly influential. Not only for you but for those interested in what you do. Maybe they are drawn in by your work but often, people stick around because of what passion resides within you.

I write because I want to live a beautiful, healthy, happy life. I have this unquenchable drive to help others no matter what the odds. I genuinely don’t care about what I am and am not being paid because the satisfaction I feel when someone tells me their day is better because of something I did or said, that is more rewarding than any paycheck.

Simon Sineck gave this incredible speech that I urge you to listen to. If you’re short on time, here is a 5 minute version. He also wrote a book expanding on the subject, which I am now reading and cannot put down!

Five Ways to Activate Your Metabolism Today

Metabolism is a funny thing. It’s something you can inherit from your parents but change with perseverance and some little life changes. It’s not easy but here are some tips to think about. In my experience, small changes like these five, can change you’re whole life! Once you’ve successfully made these tips into habits, your metabolism will raise and you’ll be burning fat even when you are sitting on your laptop reading blogs. Not a bad deal, right?

1. Build some muscles! The more you exercise, the higher your metabolism. Building muscle will increase your metabolism because it’s heavier and thus uses more energy to maintain. A high intensity workout will speed up your resting metabolism, increasing your ability to burn calories. Get ready to eat A LOT. Remember, post-workout meals are important! It takes your body a lot of time to recover and even more so after a challenge like a high interval exercise, which is a benefit especially for those already fit. Your body is more familiar with a regular workout and won’t burn as much. When you change it up for example one day strength training with 1 minute rests between sets, next day 30 minutes of high intensity training, your body’s metabolism goes berserk when it’s thrown off course a little. Keep burning calories well after your workout!

2. Take time for tea, especially when it’s green! With active ingredients being antioxidant polyphenols and catechin, it’s been suggested that green tea improves digestion and thus weight loss progress. It also hydrates the body extremely well. Although the tea has not been proven to burn fat, it holds proof to contribute many other health benefits.

3. Know what calories are good calories. Every body is different. It’s important to be aware of how many calories you typically burn a day, and match your intake to that. Calories are a good thing!

4. Eat your Wheaties! Please, please, I beg you to quit skipping breakfast! So many people think it’s okay to skip breakfast but it’s actually terrible for you!

5. Six is the magic number. Six small meals a day will help you hit a peak metabolism. Go organic! Eat lots of protein! Eat fish! Stop eating trans-fat foods!

I hope these five tips have helped. A high metabolism can improve your livelihood and the precautions that assist you to getting there will improve your life. Feel free to leave a comment!


World Water Day

Today is World Water Day to honor the right of all individuals to have access to safe water, a right that is nonexistent for approximately 1 in every 8 people. Every minute, a child dies from an illness caused by contaminated water.

Organizations like, Water For People and Project Humanity advocate clean water and make important strides towards providing water and functional toilets.

Be sure to conserve water, don’t leave it running, don’t do a hundred small loads of dishes and laundry when you can keep it simple and run these machines one time. Water is a luxury many of us have grown up with but there are still many without.

Four Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothing Companies

Did you know that in the U.S. 1,500 water bottles are used every second? Did you know that plastic is not biodegradable? It’s estimated that plastic thrown into the ocean could last hundreds and hundreds of years.
Did you know that conventional cotton is one of the most destructive crops? That it’s grown with pesticides that are extremely harmful to the agricultural world?

An active lifestyle often inspires awareness to social and environmental conflicts. The yogi who believes in the tree of life, the runner who is hoping the weather is just right, the man on the mountain, the hiker leaning on a newfound walking stick and the swimmer dipping into clean water all connect with the environment on a personal level. It’s only natural to care about nature!

Many companies are focusing on their responsibilities outside of simply selling and looking at how to reduce their carbon footprints allowing their athletes to make eco-friendly footprints instead.

Here are Five Eco-Friendly Fitness Clothing Lines:

1. Patagonia’s mission statement is, “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” They believe it is our responsibility to be as eco-conscious as possible. Read the incredible story of how in the spring of 1988, this company’s employees were effected by air pollution in their new facility. The problem inspired a movement towards organic clothing that would be safe for employees and the environment.

responsible patagoniavia.

2. Teeki is a company that creates athletic attire by collecting plastic containers from community recycling centers, cleaning, melting, extruding that to make into fiber, that fiber is then baled and created into fabric. The founder is passionate about our oceans and began with swimwear before expanding to other pieces of clothing.


3. If you’ve heard of Teeki, you may also have heard of ZuVi, a very similar company created by a mother and daughter passionate about fashion, nature and yoga. They also use recycled plastic but practice a different technique to recycle it into cotton and create their clothing. They mix their yarn, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, with spandex, making them 84% recycled PET and 16% spandex. Hopefully, that clears up an skepticism against the fit and flexibility these clothes provide! ZuVi is worn by tons of incredible athletes causing them to be proven to work. Get yourself a pair of these colorful and creative yoga pants!


4. Atayne founded by Jeremy Litchfield thanks to one red t-shirt. The dye stained his body, shoes and running shorts. What Jeremy felt in reaction was a sense of disappointment that while he was aspiring to exercise to become healthier, harmful chemicals were being absorbed into his body. The reason why was outdated technologies still in use to create performance wear when newer procedures with less harmful consequences and better performance quality were available. Litchfield is determined to inspire others to care for themselves and their environment. Atayne was created in 2007.


Yes, this is exactly what Relephant Matters is talking about with the “Minds of Matter” section. Great minds that make moves toward changes that will benefit the world. What can we do when we find something we are passionate about changing? Well, change it of course!

Minds of Matter

Relephant Matters is composed of three categories: Relephant Wellness, Hearts that Matter and Minds of Matter. So far you’ve read articles on wellness including yoga and healthy meals, you’ve also read some articles on people who have made impacts on our world with their courageous compassion. Now we introduce Minds of Matter.

Minds of Matter will report on world news about discoveries that are predicted to change our world for the better. Some upcoming posts will include Solar Roadways, Bolivia’s “Law of Mother Earth” and Forest Schools. Feel free to comment about your ideas or topics you would like discussed! We want to spread awareness and inspiration to those of you who will one day be the future Benjamin Franklins and Maya Angelous.